We all need help to feel fine. Let’s have some wine!

– Lyrics from Light of the World, Godspell by Stephen Schwartz & John-Michael Tabelak

It is no coincidence that when Jesus was first getting down with things, He turned water into wine.

Fast forward a couple millennia, and WOW have things gotten crazy!

It’s impossible to do anything fun without it being a project.

WineAndMovies.blog helps with the two most difficult tasks in civilization and answers the, never-ending, next to impossible to answer question:

What wine (or other beverage) pairs with this movie?

We’ve all been there. You’re at the wine shop. You’re staring at aaaaallllllll those bottles. And you wonder is this thing any good? What’s an Albariño? (Hint: An awesome wine you should grab!)

Then, you get home, fire up that streaming app and you and I both know that their algorithm isn’t going to show you anything you really want to see. It will offer you some drek that ooooof! You have no desire to watch that stuff.

Curated by independent filmmaker, film historian, and wine lover Tim Lorge, WineAndMovies.blog takes you on a journey through grapes and halide, and introduces you to some of the most talented people ever who simply want to entertain you for a couple hours.

WineAndMovies.blog is for

  • Wine lovers who want to know more about films
  • Movies lovers who want to learn more about wine
  • Folks who are just plain bored out of their tree and just want to enjoy a great movie with a great wine
  • Oh and you have to want to have fun

Does one of these sound like you? Then please, come join us.

About The Films

The films selected here are based solely on my whims. I am not a critic. I will never pretend to be.

Besides a writer and filmmaker, I am a lifelong student of film. If anything, I am a film historian trying to shine light into a very dark, myopic world.